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Improve Your New Year With a New Look For Your Floor!

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About Us

Founded 2021

Female-founded and run, Mother Ruggers and Simon Yildirim products are inspired by a legacy of textiles spanning over three generations.  Our rugs are uniquely engineered, woven, and designed by Orlena Home exclusively for us.

We believe that beauty is inherently courageous and enduring.  You can have both elegance and excellence in your home textiles. We strive to make them affordable.

We believe in our product and our ability to continue to innovate in the home textile space.

We are doing our best to uniquely build our company across continents with just the two of us.      

We also believe in human equality. Not just with rugs but in general.

We hope our rugs represent strength in the trade that those before us wove through their lives and then passed on those skills for generations.  Mother Ruggers are strong, elegant, unique, flexible, and beautiful —  just like you.  

Thanks for the opportunity,

With love & light,

Stormy & Ayse 

Founder & CEO

Stormy Simon

Stormy Simon is an e-commerce pioneer, corporate  leader, cannabis activist, inspirational speaker, and host of the podcast, “Lunch with Stormy.” An unconventional executive who charged straight into the workforce, Stormy bypassed college and business school, landing at in 2001 as a temp. She spent 15 years at the company, ending her remarkable tenure in 2016 as both a Board Member and President when she surprised the business world by venturing into the Cannabis industry, bridging her advocacy with her professional life, and becoming a Board Member and CEO of High Times.

A sought-after speaker and panelist, Stormy delivered the keynote address at the Aspen YPO Conference in  2019 and debuted an inspirational TedTalk in 2018. She  has been featured throughout the media landscape in outlets including Inc., The Washington Post, Forbes,  SF Chronicle, MSN, Cheddar, Yahoo!, Entrepreneur,  PopSugar, CNBC, and Fox Business.

Founder & Designer


Ayse is a rare combination of fine artists and masters of textiles. Born in Gemlik, Turkey to a family involved in silkworm farming, jacquard weaving, and textile chemicals since the early 1900s.

Ayse enrolled in Uludağ University Faculty of Public Business Administration at the age of 16. Upon receiving her Bachelor's degree, she obtained her Master’s in Political Science finishing second in her class and earning the Science Expert title.

She began her career at one of the first privately owned financial institutions, İktisast Bank as a Securities Counselor. After five years, she returned to the family textile business and has since evolved it into a modern industrial boutique manufacturing firm.

With over 30 years of experience in the textile industry, Ayse’ experience with jacquard looms combined with her natural eye for colors and design allowed her to be recognized as a ‘’textile enthusiast’’ by her peers with her fabrics reaching five continents and over 25 countries.

She was named as  50 Largest Exporters Bursa in 2008. Ayse received recognition with an invitation to the 2008 visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to Bursa, Turkey for the World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs.

After working with Europe, Africa, Canada, and Far East markets, she’s excited to premiere products in the United States.